Download Torch Light App free

Download Torch Light App free
Flashlight free app. It has beautiful combination of flashlight and clock. This is the brightest, simple and very useful camera led flashlight and clock app. Never be caught in the dark without a light again.
Torch Light App FEATURES
- Camera LED flashlight : Use camera LED as a light source. LED flashlight
- Screen flashlight : Use screen as a light source. You can change colors and brightness. Color flashlight
- Transparent flashlight : ‘Camera + flashlight’ enables you to see even the dark and narrow space like under the furniture.
- Digital clock : Watch the big digital clock while using phone as a flashlight.
- Camera, Flashlight : Camera flash, LED light, Camera view
- Internet, Access network state : Ads
One of the brightest flashlight apps!
Flashlight LED Torch Light is one of the most popular flashlight apps for smartphones. With its plenty of features and simple interface, it allows you to quickly turn a phone’s camera or screen into a flashlight. While there are many other apps with similar features, this one comes with multiple lighting modes, allowing you to use the flashlight in different settings. Moreover, the torch app launches quickly, ensuring you’re not in the dark for long or fiddling with the phone’s buttons in the absence of light.
Multiple lighting modes and clean interface!
A smartphone is a versatile device, which allows you to access a wide range of tools like Calculator, Compass, Calendar, and Flashlight. While some mobile phones come pre-installed with these utilities, others require you to install suitable apps. Flashlight LED Torch Light is perfect for the latter kind of devices.

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